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How Is AMP Different From Responsive Web Design?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Google initiated this projec
  • Great fit for static pages
  • Focused on faster loading
  • Instant delivery of content on mobile devices
  • Run alongside an existing website
  • Works only with static content
  • Aims at optimizing user experience
  • Quick delivery of mobile-friendly content
  • Incomplete features for custom JS or other forms

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

  • Not a Google project
  • Great fit for non-static pages
  • Focused on fitting each device screen
  • Seamless loading of websites on all devices
  • Existing websites are replaced with responsive
  • Works with static and dynamic content
  • Aims at device agnosticism and fluid layout
  • Not as fast as AMP for content delivery
  • Fully compatible for custom JS or other forms

Features Of Accelerated Mobile Pages

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We have a team of experienced developers who keep a tab on the trends and make use of cutting edge tech-tools and techniques for the development of Accelerated Mobile Pages


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With a dedicated team for building Accelerated Mobile Pages, we make sure that we deliver the pages within the shortest scheduled date and time.


High Quality Guaranteed

Right from the front-end development of the pages to the features like SEO and ads placement, we promise the highest quality with our AMP development services.


Tailored Solutions

Whether you own a news magazine site like The New York Times or other like Reddit, we have the perfect solution that is tailored to meet all your web requirements

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A brainchild of the search engine giant, Google, Accelerated Mobile Pages optimizes the user experience by offering a faster response time. Not only does it reduce the load time by 2.7 seconds but the ads on AMP pages also load five times faster, thus increasing the revenue by three times.

The Google AMP project is an open-source initiative that accelerates the creation and loading of websites and ads on them. With instant load, AMP stamp, effective ad placement, and key performance indicators, these pages enable you to offer an enhanced and rich browsing experience, especially for the mobile browsers. A number of large companies like New York Times, Reddit, Wall Street Journal, etc.

Why Shift To Accelerated Mobile Pages?

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Need help with something?